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Sorry for the delay… damned work, life,etc…

Infernal Curse (Arg) – Awakening Of The Damned (2012) , Again with argentinian stuff, well… this is classic Sepultura for the Morbid Visions era, amazingly achieved, is like Possession from Belgium to name something fresh too… recommended.

Infect (US) – Demo 1988, great thrash/death metal, fast, agressive… sometimes is quiet boring the kind of screams the vocalist does, like paused, don’t know… may be hardcore influenced, but it is a good demo and enjoyable of caurse…

Necromancy (Gre) – Visions Of Lunacy Demo 1989 , yes… yes… yes… you probably thought right, a demo, from greece, from that times and with that name… it has to be, it has to be good!! is not good shithead , it is amazing! totally head kicker jaw breaker!!  beautiful demo, great dark and fast riffs… highly recommended.

Ексхуматор (Bul) – Терор 1992 , i don’t remember if i haven’t mentioned this before… the thing is i rechecked it cause it was there on the list and coming from those places in that time… yes, is terrific death/thrash/black whatever… it is precious! This is a oneMan-band, really funny the picture on m-a hahaha, like him being all the line-up. Highly recommended if you love all the dark bulgarian,ukranian,slovakian,russian scene from the 80s.

Oblivion (Can) – Oblivion demo 1987 , finally i could get this demo, and luckily i managed to buy the rerelase of the Whimstical Uproar demo last month… for me that is an underated demo, is amazing, fast, technical, terrific… in the same category as Hellwitch (US), Aspid (Rus),etc deserve to be. This demo is more rudimentary but is a must have if you like the band.

Molested (Nor) – Blod-Draum 1995 , hahaha Norway has not good death metal with its own identity ??? Hell yeah! this is just terrificly grotesque… has a kind of Cadaver (Nor) ambient but less technical, more agressive, more “in your face” with attitude… highly recommended!

Powerlord (US) – The Awakening 1986, yes, i was reading and suddenly i came across with this unknown band for me (yes what a looser i am, i admited i don’t know a band… at least i am an honest metalhead not a trendy posser little deformed nipples bitch!) And then i said… wooow this sounds killer! for those who does not know this terrific piece of history as i did not.. well, %500 recommended, it influenced for sure Annihilator in the Alice in Hell album , you will see!! But has more dark kind of riffs… a kind of Infernal Majesty mixed with Annihilator… must check and deduce it yourself!

Deathhammer (Nor) – Phantom Knights 2010 … HAHAHHAHA fuckers in your face again!! this is one of the best releases i checked lately… black/thrash in the old vein of bathory, kreator, sodom, destruction…. name them all!! yes, great release.. i cannot split up from it, i want to take the next step to their next release but i cannot!! is amazing!! You’ll love it for sure!! and just a message for the producer (the father of the guy in this band) you made it pal with  that explosion!!! you made it!! everytime i am listening this with headphones it scares the hell out of my mind!!!!! beautiful!!!

Tyranex (Swe) – Unable To Tame 2014 … what what what!!! 2014 ?? is a girl in the band, is she the singer ??? is she the lead-guitarrist?? what else??? is she pretty ? come on it must be a joke! not is not, it seems that some girls are doing what they should! great release… this is the best by far, the previous stuff is more weak in terms of agressiveness, more technical and more melodic, may be more rock influenced… this one is faster!! more thrash! both albums are recommended for those un-diehards out there.

Entrench(Swe) – Inevitable Decay 2011, another great thrash band from Sweden, i never incursionated in the swedish thrash scene, in fact… i never enjoyed the swedish death metal scene, always found it too melodic… with the few exceptions of course like Obscurity and Corpse or first Grave’s demo. This is well achieved, in fact… sometimes reminded me of Anihilated (UK). Good for thrashers!

Bulldozer (Ita) – The Exorcism 2014, this masterpieces were rereleased on vinyl not long ago… i couldn’t afford the vinyl yet but i hope i will soon… totally recommended, sound great, the whole release seems to be greatly well manufactured… thanks to the guy who sent it to me. I really appreciated and Whisky time forever !!

can i mention a new metal compilation from my country ????

Well , as you may have seen on my uruguayan music list, there are some compilations under the name of “Entre el Caos y el Orden” (Between Chaos and Order) , what’s the remarkable thing on it this year ? well… two classic bands from this shithole appear on it with new tracks, Alvacast and Cross… in fact, Alvacast just rerecorded an old track and Cross recorded a new one exclusively for this release. But why should i mentioned it here? cause it’s the first time i see in Uruguay (at least in this last 10 years that i’ve been around the local scene) a compilation has some oldschool influenced bands! And the best of all… those bands are active and recording their new releases!! I hope them to live long and more oldnewheads come around to beat the possers! Let’s name them so you can find their stuff online and check their stuff: Pheretrum, oldschool death metal in the vein of anything, has quiet a personal style not too technical, not too well performed but fast! , Putrefaxion , this is like the best band around i guess… really great musicians, in the vein of old Cancer, Sepultra, Obituary… Thrash/Death ! , Karnage… another oldschool death metal band, amazing musicians, great riffs, in the vein of Vader, Deicide, vocals are terrific!! they really have good musical skills! and the last one, pretty unknown for me in fact, Dark Dimension, this is like the dirty drunk tharsh metal… i still have nothing to share… i just bought some copies if their newest album and i will review it soon if it deserves it. I have like 5 copies of this compilation for trading, get in contact if you are interested.

Well pals, i hope you enjoy this black shit ov hell, if you find it difficult to get stuff, feel free to beg me… i will laugh at first, may be i laugh more after the first laugh… but i will smile then, cry a little, laugh again, drink some beer, then some whisky, then some beer, then some beer and i will shit in a bag and send it for you by snailmail and then, just there… while laughing, i will send your requests. Cheers virtual gays, i love you all!


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