Stratus (Ury) – Demo (1994), Heavy metal in all its words! amazing band, good riffs, good music, good everything, vocals are really good mixed with this kind of metal, this is an ancient release from Uruguay and also extremely rare!! Highly recommended.

Karnage (Ury) – There Will Be Blood Unreleased Demo (2011), despite being a new band, some people are not well organized and recordings tend to get lost (why the fuck???) . Okey, to the point. This release is quiet better than the newest recordings in terms of music quality (not audio of course) , here you can find more thrashy vocals as chorus which i personally like them a lot but they are well put sometimes and sometimes not. Besides there are some well recognizable Deicide – Suicidal Sacrifice riffing style. This recording that was not supposed to be out has more music feeling i guess than the newest one.

Darkesthrash (Ury) – Unknown Demo (????) , i got this without any kind of information, if you have it please don’t even doubt on sending me that! As its name claims, its fucking obscure thrash metal from the underworlds!

Schizophrenia (Arg) – The Future Will Be Living In… Autodestruction Demo (1991) , i got this one due to the fact i could get a lost vhs with Graf Spee (Ury) show and this band was in the same show, so before watching something i did not know i prefer to check it first, hell yeah!! some masterpiece of raw thrash metal from our neighbours!  I had it pending on my list due to the fact that i’d seen lots of old uruguayan flyers and zines i guess that had their logo and back in the 90s it was well known here and there… but now i got them in my mind for the first time and is precious!

Grave (Swe) – Sick Disgust Eternal Demo (1988) , i had this band pending for a long time, disliking their first full length (which i hardly remember) i never revised their demos… now i am extremely surprised about what i was missing! this demo is amazing!! i thought this demo was not going to be at the same level Corpse (their previous project) was, but i was totally wrong about it. This demo is just terrific! Death metal extreme as we all enjoy!

Necrophiliac (Spa) – Endless Death Demo (1988) , marvellous demo indeed! this reminded me a lot to the kind of vocals and screams Senda Negra (Ury) did when they released “Solo la muerte es Real demo” , which are fucking terrific! fast death/thrash with lots of extreme feelings.

VA – Death Metal Compilation from 1984, i don’t know why the heck i missed this for so long… this compilation totally worths it!! Hellhammer and Running Wild, amazing!!

Antichrist (Swe) – Forbidden World (2011) , is this new ??? hell yeah it sounds as if they were from the 80s… amazing classic thrash metal from sweden, they deserved to be checked cause in fact they are mad thrashers! Just to bear in mind, they sound a bit like a mixture between Hellwitch (US), Vektor (US) and of course with Slayer (US) influences but vocals and music give them quiet a good identity.

Witchtrap (Col) – Sorceress Bitch (2002) , well , most of their tracks stucked in my head almost for a month… is really enjoyable but one thing i really hated was that i couldn’t ignore the Destruction (Ger) kind of soloing on their songs, i love them but in Destruction not here… vocals are good, i guess they are well mixed with the sound. Recommended. I still have pending their other releases so i hope them to be better.

Black Vul Destruktor (Arg) – They played with Possessed (US) in Buenos Aires, Argentina and i went to see them but cause i was late to that date i couldn’t watch them live, after almost a year or even more (i don’t remember, my brain is damaged) i got their stuff and i loved it. Black Metal old influenced, reminded me a lot to some Mortuary Drape (Ita) riffs , vocals are amazing, you can enjoy the power on their music. Recommended!

Evil Force (Par) – Army Of The Night Promo CD, hell yeah pals!!! i told you!! that country is the hell of Speed Thrash madness!! amazing, i cannot describe it, i have no words for this masterpiece, amazing!! totally recommended, i love their vocals i love the hole EP!! they are about to release a new one and i am anxiously waiting for it!! Destroy the fucking possers!!!

Alcoholic Aggressor (Arg) – Malicious Necrovomit Demo, terrific demo, they are from Bariloche , Argentina, i didn’t imagine there were bands there but if there are bands in uruguay bands could be anywhere! ahahaha, terrific thrash , dark sound and riffs are great, the only bad thing about it is that i personally disgust when the drummers are playing with the hi-hats open and suddenly in the middle of a riff or whenever they want they just closed them and try to recreate a kind of jazzy style… totally shit and i think this slows the extreme agression, but that’s just a detail, the tape is amazing, i haven’t ripped it yet but i will for those interested in getting a preview.

Brocas Helm (US) – Into Battle , great heavy metal influenced by Iron Maiden, is more obscure and vocals are great, i also tried to check their next release that is more thrashy but i couldn’t stand it… this release is their best by far!

Ripper (Chl) – Raising The Corpse (2014) – a fresh release and as always, in chile they have a good taste on the old shit!!! this is Death Metal influenced by the mighty Death (US) and some Slayer riffing but sometimes they get more technical and is more similar to first old Cynic (US) demos and vocals are amazing, they sound like old morbid angel the reverb is extremely amazingly madly insanely well technically adjusted (yes redundancy here hahaha).


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