some new stuff

Putrefaxión (Ury) – this time i’ll be starting with stuff from my country (uruguay) , despite being in a shithole full of crap from time to time there’s a good band appearing from here and sadly not well known internationally… may be for the language or because no one is interested in newer bands, which i can understand. But here we have a great piece of thrash/death that will be around for some time (at least that’s what i hope). They started playing some good songs that are available in their Rehearsal demo and last weekend they released what it’s their newest EP – Mecanismos de Autodestrucción, no doubts about Cancer, Sepultura,etc classic stuff from the good times influences. Their track opening named “Tortura” is just amazing, fast, lyrics are awesome, is %100 recommended. The audio production is really good and the artwork is great, they did an awesome job preserving a vintage image.

Licaon (Ury) – Preludio de Sombras Demo, I don’t like too much of modern death metal approaches, most of the time are boring or just repetitive, this guys did a good job too… indeed you can enjoy even the groove of the tracks, personally i don’t like the vocals but this release is enjoyable anyway. I hope they keep working and releasing more stuff, luckily they are well accepted here and the audience is always good with them.

Railgun (Ury) – Demo 2009 , continuing with my country… this band was lost in time despite being one of the best newest thrash bands here… the vocalist/bass player retired from this project and kept playing on his main project Territory (is a more modern kind of thrash, not as good as this one). This guys are fans of Sodom, Kreator,etc… good thrash with old influences, just thrash!

Savior (US) – Brutal Tradition Demo, Now back to good death metal, this guys are fast and thrashy and everything you need to have a good death metal mix. This demo is highly recommended and their full-length too! Grab it in case you don’t know what else to check.
They were more into hardcore stuff at the earlier era but they did great going on and becoming a death metal band!

Chemical Breath (Bel) – Great technical Death metal here… you can easily think of pestilence, atheist influences here and tracks are really good, being a tech-death i thought some tracks would be more politely composed but in general terms is a good release.

Corpse Grinder (Bra) – Live Tape ’99 , i was able to get this release… i had already checked their newer stuff, not bad, not good, nothing that ones could remark, but this live tape is just terrific, good death metal and i hope to be getting more early releases from them.

Classic time:

we all know metal rose from classical ashes, as i also enjoy some classical music i decided to add few names that should be taken into account. I never know where to look at refering to Classical music, cause i enjoy macabre classical music, creepy, terrifing, those pieces that make your veins almost collide due to blood pleassure. Well, if some of you are into this kind of madness too i’ll leave you some names to check , most of the classical i enjoy are string quartets represented, so there you have a good clue to take into account… here i go:

Dmitri Shostakovich (Rus)
Ígor Stravinski (Rus)
Antonin Dvorak (Cze)
Richard Wagner (Ger) > of course is extremely well known but could help someone that intends to get into this.

Don’t even doubt about making me recommendations of classical of this kind, i will be really grateful!


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