back in business

Martire (Aus) – This is just one of those gems that get stucked in your damned brain! Starting with their first demo from ’88 you can think of it as a kind of Sadistik Exekution kind of black/death/thrash madness, their second demo from the ’90s was good too but wasn’t that agressive, then jumping to ’91 EP fuck yeah!! the guitar screams out from hell like a punished vampire !! that creepy sound at the begining of the ep just blows your mind! This band is unavoidable, highly recommended and the best of all, their album from 2012 is just terrificly killer! i will have to do some homework to be able to get shows from them. Enjoy!

Mercyless (Fra) – Not the best band from france, just started getting their demos… quiet thrashy death. Interesting sound. Their second demo Visions From The Past is faster and better produced than their first one so it would be a good point of reference.

Filthy Christians (US) – Repulsion/Napalm D kind of death/grindcore , good stuff indeed. It is worth to be checked.

Hellbound (Spa) – These spanish metalheads started doing some thrash with little death metal in their first two demos but their next one is quiet better, more death metal, great vocals, agressive. Forgotten The Past Demo is good to get.

The Force (Par) – i was told paraguay was a good place for Speed metal, well hell yeah! indeed it is. This guys are killer in their first recording Possessed By Metal, you’ll find some Exodus kind of riffing, vocals are amazing, the vocalist kind of pronunciation is something special, great touch for making this quiet unique!


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