newest recommendations

Cancerbero (Chl) – Malevolence EP 2013 , this deathers from Chile do it all the time, extreme agression from the ’80s nowadays, each new release are fresh in the old veins of death metal. Hope they release a new full length too. You’ll love this release.

The Unsane (US) – Inverted Crosses Demo 1988, hard to recommend death metal without being from the 80s, this band is just terrific, great speed , great riffs, thrashdeath in its whole. Hope you enjoy it.

Toxic Holocaust (US) – Chemistry Of Consciousness 2013, another great release from this metalhead, their previous album for me was not that good as the others and i made my mind this one was not going to be good, false! is a great album too… the drummer in some tracks seems to be more death-influenced adding some blasts in parts, just a detail but a good one.

Sacred Crucifix (Fin) – Realms Of Darkness Demo 1989, if you enjoy the kind of swedish death metal Merciless (Swe) did with The Awakening release, well you’ll enjoy this demo, their first demo was good too but in Realms Of Darkness they seem to be a more professional band.

Skullkrusher (Bra) – Protect Your Skull 1990, again their previous demo was good too despite being in parts out of tempo but this one they got better sound and tracks are from a higher quality, it reminded me of Blood Feast – Chopping Block Blues album, is not the best brazilian band ever but good to have in your collection.

Exciter (Can) – Long Live The Loud, got stucked with Heavy Metal Maniac, is not better than that one but still pretty enjoyable, better than Violence And Force? probably cause it keeps it speed fast!



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