… even more

Gehennah (Swe) – Hardrocker (1995) , great debut album from this black/thrashers Bombraid over paradaise!

Tank (UK) – This Means War (1983) , if you thought just their first two albums were the best could happend to you and being drunk screaming Blood guts and beer! well, don’t miss the change to check this album, yes, is softer but still being a good one.

Voivod (Can) – War And Pain (1984) , i’m definately one of those who does not check the well known bands but is never late for knowing them, i always ignore this band cause few tracks never drew my attention , this album has really weird riffing and the vocals are sometimes were you never expected them to be, i guess that’s what makes it funny and really enjoyable even the kind of riffing are not common for its genre. I have to recommend this one cause if there’s someone out there rejecting the band definately needs to check this album.

Cemetery (Ger) – Cemetery Demo (1991) , listening to this it will remind you of Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy… and being from Germany it definately will remind you of the first Morgoth’s era. In the vein of Death this band made their stuff pretty good.

V/A – Raging Death (1987) , i rarely recommend a V/A compilation cause personally i prefer to listen to each band separately, but this one including bands like R.A.V.A.G.E. (pre  Atheist), Sadus and Xecutioner (pre Obituary) and it fantastic art cover which definitely depicts what’s on it even with it’s very own title cannot be there out of your collection, enjoy the raw beginnings of these masters of death!

no more for now, i’ve been quiet hunged drawned and quartered for weeks watching gore and bootlegs.


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