more audio recommendations

do you have some spare time and want to check new stuff, you could check this recommendations:

Whispstriker (Bra) – Crude Rock ‘N’ Roll 2010, still digging in old black/speed/thrash… this band reminded me the first album from Tank (UK) but more dirty… great sound.

Witchgrave (Swe) – The Devils Night EP 2010, great heavy metal in the dirty way too… some iron maiden kind of riffing.

Midnight (US) – Farewell To Hell EP 2008 & Satanic Royalty 2011 – black/thrash… i found this one looking for something similar to what N.M.E. (US) was, this is terrific! highly recommended.

Pheretrum (Ury) – From The Underworlds EP 2013, another band from my country in the oldschool death metal vein, weird style/sound but fast and agressive music, must check!

Protector (Ger) – Reanimated Homunculus 2013 , great return from these german thrashers… good sound, simple and not new kind of riffing but still enjoyable, you’ll notice some well known riffs or riffs that you probably heard before but indeed you can appreciate the album.

Master (US) – The Witchhunt 2013 , well, as far as i remember, this could be one of the best releases of the year, yes in terms of death metal, sometimes bands can be dull, have really stupid riffs and nothing new at all… Bolt Thrower did it and Master does it again… those notes that you cannot take out of your head are here… simple, easy but they created it again! most of the tracks sound the same but each of them are awesome. Highly recommended.

Protected Illusion (Fin) – demos…. i don’t remember the names at the moment, i don’t remember even which demo was the best, i just remember they kicked asses, the first demo is thrash/death with rock influences and mixures, second demo is death/thrash fast and killer, the third i am still listening to it… probably more death metal sound, where the band probably defined its style. Not knowing many bands from finland this is a good start being from the late ’80s



i’ll be adding more if they come up into my mind or if i get new demos that i enjoy, in case you cannot find them feel free to ask for them.


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