audio recommendations

do you have some spare time and want to check new stuff, you could check this recommendations:

Mutant (UK) – The Awakening Concience Demo 1988 [death metal, a mixture between R.a.v.a.g.e (pre-Atheist) and Nocturnus (just cause it has few keyboards and dark riffing]

Necrophiliac (Mex) – Putrefact Death Demo 1988 [death/thrash]

Protected Illusion (Fin) – ’88 Demo [death/thrash]

Order From Chaos (US) – Demo I [death/thrash some moments similar to old celtic frost]

Evil Invaders (Bel) – Evil Invaders EP 2013 [heavy/speed great EP for those who think newest metal sucks (as i do) this is terrific! in the vein of Exciter and some soloing similar to iron maiden, recommended track Alcoholic Madness, not only cause i feel identified with it haha]

Joel Grind (US) – The Yellow Goat Sessions 2013 [black/thrash another extremely good album, this guy know how to recreate old stuff, sounds as good as if it were recorded in the ’80s, this guy is also known for Toxic Holocaust project, another recommended band.]

Varathron (Gre) – His Majesty At The Swamp 1993 [black/thrash pretty interesting album, i’m not into black metal, i’m kind of initializing into it and this band came to me by a mate recommendation, i dislike the fake drumming but guitar riffing is pretty good to recycle it just for the drumset, recommended!]

Angkor Vat (Ury) – Southern Blood Demo 1989 [death/thrash this is a must-to-mention cause is from my country, they were extremely good in this release and well known among lots of southamerican countries, you’ll have to check it for sure]

Vektor (US) – Outer Isolation 2011 [technical thrash , well what can i tell about this masterpiece? just listen to it, you’ll go mad, this release and its previous one are just killer]

Аспид (Rus) – Кровоизлияние 1992 [technical thrash, just cause i mentioned Vektor this also must to be here, russian extreme agression for sure! not as melodic as Vektors style, for thrash lovers indeed. The band is known as Aspid if you are going to look for it]

Агресор (Bul) – Любов и кръв 1993 [death/thrash, excellent death/thrash exquisit riffing]

Zyklon-B (US) – Gorenography Demo 1988 [death/thrash, exquisit riffing too, you won’t stop banging (your head, in terms of sex your wife will be happy too)]


i’ll be adding more if they come up into my mind or if i get new demos that i enjoy, in case you cannot find them feel free to ask for them.


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