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this site is intended to expose my stuff listed from bootlegs,demos to horror movies and zines. get in contact in case you want to trade something. audio is free for all, i can send you download links if you are in a dire need of demos (i do not trade through snailmail), please check my whishlist in contact tab to see if you can help me out to find those lost-in-voids-time tapes!


back in business

Martire (Aus) – This is just one of those gems that get stucked in your damned brain! Starting with their first demo from ’88 you can think of it as a kind of Sadistik Exekution kind of black/death/thrash madness, their second demo from the ’90s was good too but wasn’t that agressive, then jumping to ’91 EP fuck yeah!! the guitar screams out from hell like a punished vampire !! that creepy sound at the begining of the ep just blows your mind! This band is unavoidable, highly recommended and the best of all, their album from 2012 is just terrificly killer! i will have to do some homework to be able to get shows from them. Enjoy!

Mercyless (Fra) – Not the best band from france, just started getting their demos… quiet thrashy death. Interesting sound. Their second demo Visions From The Past is faster and better produced than their first one so it would be a good point of reference.

Filthy Christians (US) – Repulsion/Napalm D kind of death/grindcore , good stuff indeed. It is worth to be checked.

Hellbound (Spa) – These spanish metalheads started doing some thrash with little death metal in their first two demos but their next one is quiet better, more death metal, great vocals, agressive. Forgotten The Past Demo is good to get.

The Force (Par) – i was told paraguay was a good place for Speed metal, well hell yeah! indeed it is. This guys are killer in their first recording Possessed By Metal, you’ll find some Exodus kind of riffing, vocals are amazing, the vocalist kind of pronunciation is something special, great touch for making this quiet unique!

newest recommendations

Cancerbero (Chl) – Malevolence EP 2013 , this deathers from Chile do it all the time, extreme agression from the ’80s nowadays, each new release are fresh in the old veins of death metal. Hope they release a new full length too. You’ll love this release.

The Unsane (US) – Inverted Crosses Demo 1988, hard to recommend death metal without being from the 80s, this band is just terrific, great speed , great riffs, thrashdeath in its whole. Hope you enjoy it.

Toxic Holocaust (US) – Chemistry Of Consciousness 2013, another great release from this metalhead, their previous album for me was not that good as the others and i made my mind this one was not going to be good, false! is a great album too… the drummer in some tracks seems to be more death-influenced adding some blasts in parts, just a detail but a good one.

Sacred Crucifix (Fin) – Realms Of Darkness Demo 1989, if you enjoy the kind of swedish death metal Merciless (Swe) did with The Awakening release, well you’ll enjoy this demo, their first demo was good too but in Realms Of Darkness they seem to be a more professional band.

Skullkrusher (Bra) – Protect Your Skull 1990, again their previous demo was good too despite being in parts out of tempo but this one they got better sound and tracks are from a higher quality, it reminded me of Blood Feast – Chopping Block Blues album, is not the best brazilian band ever but good to have in your collection.

Exciter (Can) – Long Live The Loud, got stucked with Heavy Metal Maniac, is not better than that one but still pretty enjoyable, better than Violence And Force? probably cause it keeps it speed fast!


… even more

Gehennah (Swe) – Hardrocker (1995) , great debut album from this black/thrashers Bombraid over paradaise!

Tank (UK) – This Means War (1983) , if you thought just their first two albums were the best could happend to you and being drunk screaming Blood guts and beer! well, don’t miss the change to check this album, yes, is softer but still being a good one.

Voivod (Can) – War And Pain (1984) , i’m definately one of those who does not check the well known bands but is never late for knowing them, i always ignore this band cause few tracks never drew my attention , this album has really weird riffing and the vocals are sometimes were you never expected them to be, i guess that’s what makes it funny and really enjoyable even the kind of riffing are not common for its genre. I have to recommend this one cause if there’s someone out there rejecting the band definately needs to check this album.

Cemetery (Ger) – Cemetery Demo (1991) , listening to this it will remind you of Scream Bloody Gore and Leprosy… and being from Germany it definately will remind you of the first Morgoth’s era. In the vein of Death this band made their stuff pretty good.

V/A – Raging Death (1987) , i rarely recommend a V/A compilation cause personally i prefer to listen to each band separately, but this one including bands like R.A.V.A.G.E. (pre  Atheist), Sadus and Xecutioner (pre Obituary) and it fantastic art cover which definitely depicts what’s on it even with it’s very own title cannot be there out of your collection, enjoy the raw beginnings of these masters of death!

no more for now, i’ve been quiet hunged drawned and quartered for weeks watching gore and bootlegs.

more audio recommendations

do you have some spare time and want to check new stuff, you could check this recommendations:

Whispstriker (Bra) – Crude Rock ‘N’ Roll 2010, still digging in old black/speed/thrash… this band reminded me the first album from Tank (UK) but more dirty… great sound.

Witchgrave (Swe) – The Devils Night EP 2010, great heavy metal in the dirty way too… some iron maiden kind of riffing.

Midnight (US) – Farewell To Hell EP 2008 & Satanic Royalty 2011 – black/thrash… i found this one looking for something similar to what N.M.E. (US) was, this is terrific! highly recommended.

Pheretrum (Ury) – From The Underworlds EP 2013, another band from my country in the oldschool death metal vein, weird style/sound but fast and agressive music, must check!

Protector (Ger) – Reanimated Homunculus 2013 , great return from these german thrashers… good sound, simple and not new kind of riffing but still enjoyable, you’ll notice some well known riffs or riffs that you probably heard before but indeed you can appreciate the album.

Master (US) – The Witchhunt 2013 , well, as far as i remember, this could be one of the best releases of the year, yes in terms of death metal, sometimes bands can be dull, have really stupid riffs and nothing new at all… Bolt Thrower did it and Master does it again… those notes that you cannot take out of your head are here… simple, easy but they created it again! most of the tracks sound the same but each of them are awesome. Highly recommended.

Protected Illusion (Fin) – demos…. i don’t remember the names at the moment, i don’t remember even which demo was the best, i just remember they kicked asses, the first demo is thrash/death with rock influences and mixures, second demo is death/thrash fast and killer, the third i am still listening to it… probably more death metal sound, where the band probably defined its style. Not knowing many bands from finland this is a good start being from the late ’80s



i’ll be adding more if they come up into my mind or if i get new demos that i enjoy, in case you cannot find them feel free to ask for them.

audio recommendations

do you have some spare time and want to check new stuff, you could check this recommendations:

Mutant (UK) – The Awakening Concience Demo 1988 [death metal, a mixture between R.a.v.a.g.e (pre-Atheist) and Nocturnus (just cause it has few keyboards and dark riffing]

Necrophiliac (Mex) – Putrefact Death Demo 1988 [death/thrash]

Protected Illusion (Fin) – ’88 Demo [death/thrash]

Order From Chaos (US) – Demo I [death/thrash some moments similar to old celtic frost]

Evil Invaders (Bel) – Evil Invaders EP 2013 [heavy/speed great EP for those who think newest metal sucks (as i do) this is terrific! in the vein of Exciter and some soloing similar to iron maiden, recommended track Alcoholic Madness, not only cause i feel identified with it haha]

Joel Grind (US) – The Yellow Goat Sessions 2013 [black/thrash another extremely good album, this guy know how to recreate old stuff, sounds as good as if it were recorded in the '80s, this guy is also known for Toxic Holocaust project, another recommended band.]

Varathron (Gre) – His Majesty At The Swamp 1993 [black/thrash pretty interesting album, i'm not into black metal, i'm kind of initializing into it and this band came to me by a mate recommendation, i dislike the fake drumming but guitar riffing is pretty good to recycle it just for the drumset, recommended!]

Angkor Vat (Ury) – Southern Blood Demo 1989 [death/thrash this is a must-to-mention cause is from my country, they were extremely good in this release and well known among lots of southamerican countries, you'll have to check it for sure]

Vektor (US) – Outer Isolation 2011 [technical thrash , well what can i tell about this masterpiece? just listen to it, you'll go mad, this release and its previous one are just killer]

Аспид (Rus) – Кровоизлияние 1992 [technical thrash, just cause i mentioned Vektor this also must to be here, russian extreme agression for sure! not as melodic as Vektors style, for thrash lovers indeed. The band is known as Aspid if you are going to look for it]

Агресор (Bul) – Любов и кръв 1993 [death/thrash, excellent death/thrash exquisit riffing]

Zyklon-B (US) – Gorenography Demo 1988 [death/thrash, exquisit riffing too, you won't stop banging (your head, in terms of sex your wife will be happy too)]


i’ll be adding more if they come up into my mind or if i get new demos that i enjoy, in case you cannot find them feel free to ask for them.